Let’s Talk About Race, Baby

My blog is essentially about growing up. Part of growing up is knowing what you believe and forming your identity.

I am a lot of things.

I’m a Christian. I’m a woman. I’m a writer.

I know that who God says I am, is most important of all.

I’m also Black. And Hispanic. And White. Sometimes I simply say I’m mixed.

I’ve been wanting to talk about race on this blog for a while and after watching this video I think I’m ready. While these kids are a lot sassier than I would be they speak truth.

Being mixed or Black is something you wear. Literally. Through out my life I have been asked the uncomfortable question: what are you? All my life I have noticed, I’m not as “white” as my siblings, but neither am I “black” like my dad and grandmother.

I don’t like to dwell on it, but I’ve known from a young age that I would have disadvantages because I was Hispanic/Black and female that I would always be perceived as “other”. That my race and my gender would always be something worth mentioning.

To always have that niggling feeling that maybe my failures and accomplishments had something to do with the skin I was born in. To have others at my predominately white school suggest that it was due to my heritage I was able to secure a scholarship to live on campus that one year (never mind that I still took out an extra loan or that the vast majority of students like me who commuted were also people of color).

I have never been in a situation like Ferguson. I have never been pulled over by the police. Still there are people who look like me, who look more Black, who weren’t blessed with the same privilege as me who are daily being pushed down by racism. Because racism is way bigger than this person hates this person because of who they are.

They go out the door and are told to keep to themselves, keep their hands out of their pockets, to be super kind to authority, to be careful with how they look at and talk to white people, because anything could happen. And in smaller ways there are stereotypes they can never get away from, jobs they will never have access to, and all these “little” things that racism pushes everyday to marginalize people.

This post isn’t for pity. This post is just a reminder that racism is still here in America. Racism affects people of color especially Black and Hispanic people in little and huge ways every day and we have to talk about it.

But there is hope. I know it with all my heart, God has always created a path that leads into righteousness. In history we see how God has moved and continues to move to defeat slavery (both of long ago and modern day), patriarchy, dictatorships, classism, and other evils in society. He is moving to create a world of love and equality and wholeness and if we’re willing we can all take a part of it. But first we have to see the world for what it is.


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