It’s really weird being on my former campus just a semester after graduating. It’s weird being considered an alum. It’s weird that most of the students will relate to me as staff now. Most of all it’s weird that I’m not a student anymore.

Instead of classes, clubs, chapels, and choir, my time is filled with long walks, prayers, grading, and job searching. In both lives, thankfully, my life is rich with friends and family.

So many around me right now are encouraging me, praying for me, as I continue this journey of adulthood.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get there. I’m going to get a job that can support me, I’m going to move out, I’m going to continue to pay my bills and my debts. Hell, I’m going to get married, and progress physically, mentally, and emotionally. Crossing the threshold and becoming an “ADULT” well, that’s going to take some time.

Everyday I am thankful that I have God and that I have S, I’m not sure what I would do without either of them, and I know God know’s that. I have never before expressed so much of my vulnerability to one person and at times it is so freeing and I think, “this is what it means to have an adult relationship”. This is what it means to be supported by another person. And I am grateful. I have so many people who have helped me in many ways, suggesting jobs, praying, talking with me, giving me feedback, checking my resume, but at the end of the day it’s S who pushes me to apply again, to make that phone call, to pray, to not lose faith, who looks at loans, resumes, and savings accounts with me. Who reminds me of what we’re working towards and I am thankful, and in a weird way it deepens my love and faith in God.

Not sure if I’m ever going to reach “ADULT”, but I’m glad I was blessed with a God and partner who always make being an adult easily within my reach.

My glitter can touch adult with a little a, one day, one step, one sparkle at a time.


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