Happy Birthday America!

Happy Independence Day to those who are living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Hope you appreciate the fireworks, I was hoping to see them tonight, but they were moved to last night and it just didn’t work out. So sad since I’ve been looking forward to them for literally a month.

Well, we had a whole first week of camp and it was great, really I had the teens and they loved it. They were pretty choked up about leaving and frankly it really sucked to see them go. Especially considering next week, I’m part of a night program. They are literally the only programs I am unwilling to do. Oh, well, I can suck it up for the girls, but pray for me, I need it.

Best part of last week, probably our day trip to the aquarium and listening to the radio on the car ride up and down and hearing this song 10 times including miracle of miracles the last 10 seconds before we got out of the car. It was pretty hilarious.

And I finally got paid so that’s lovely so I can start building up my paying off student loans nest until I get a more grown up job. Not much work on that by the way, camp keeps me way too busy for me to particularly care about what’s next (though I really really do).

Well that’s all for now, glitter on my friends, and have a great fourth of July 🙂


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