Camping Adventures the Girl Scout way

Come Sunday the girls will be arriving, I and my co-counselor will be having a blast with a bunch of teen girls until Thursday afternoon. I’m excited for the girls to arrive as my camp director says without the girls we’d be just a bunch of weirdos in the woods.

Training was really good this year, especially compared to last year.

I like the staff a lot and the training just felt so much more practical. This will for sure be this camp’s best year.

So some fun things to know about camp, Girl Scout camp especially.

  1. We have camp names: mine is Starlight. My counselors in my unit this week are: Giggles, Elphaba, Kit Kat, and Foxy. My bestie at camp is Pi.
  2. We sing a lot, like a lot. As work, as we play, before we eat. We sing.
  3. We empower girls to be themselves in our awesome all girl environment.
  4. Once a week we have scatters which are times when counselors teach the girls something they’re passionate about
  5. We have theme days and meals: on the last week of training we had a challenge lunch my challenge was to eat my meal without my hands, it was hamburgers, it was hilarious!
  6. Every week we have a cookout and we cook our own epic meals over the fire.
  7. Every morning and night we do a flag ceremony in the morning one we do the pledge of allegiance and the girl scout promise.
  8. We have kapers (camp for chores) to give the girls responsibility and independence.
  9. Half our staff is international the majority coming from England, but we also have women from New Zealand, Sweden.
  10. We offer awesome and unique camp experiences to hundreds of girls over 7 weeks every summer!

So yeah, camp it’s awesome it’s unique and it’s currently my first post graduation glitter adventure. I cannot wait to see what the next seven weeks have in store for all me. What’s everyone else doing with their summer? What’s your current glitter adventure?

More updates on camp soon 🙂



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