Dreams of Glitter

So like many bloggers out there I am an aspiring author. I clarify aspiring author, because I am a writer, hence my blog, hence the things I’ve written, hence my need to write down everything and anything.

I have not always wanted to be published, but it’s now a grand goal of mine.

Earlier I was working on my manuscript (so fancy) and I was like wow I’m actually a pretty good writer. And I’m getting better everyday. It also helps that I have some majorly lovely people in my life who help me edit. Behind every great writer is a great editor.

I feel in a good place though because I know I still have room for improvement, but by and large my old writing used to make me want to barf. It was trash and boring and droll and all these sad negative adjectives.  I think way more positive words now when I write especially when I actually make it to the end.

Still I wonder why do I have these dreams of glitter. Why do I want to join the publishing game and try and get my words out there?

Then I remember I love reading. LOVE reading. SO much.

I want to give back. I can’t tell you how many times I have read something beautiful and felt less alone. I’ve felt understood and safe. How many times I’ve been cheered up or comforted by a book when I needed it most. How many times I’ve gone to a book to learn something, to gain a solution, to finally sort out how to finish that quilt or make that cake.

Reading is so wonderful and gives so much. I have bonded with writers who I will never meet could never meet through words. I’ve read bloggers who have inspired me to share my voice and take action in this world. I want to be just a small part of that if I can because I think finally I have something worthwhile to share, that has not always been why I write, but it is why I am seeking publishing.

Any other writers out there figuring out the whole writing for fun, writing for publication, and how blogging does or does not fit into that?

Why do you write?

Why do you publish?

Why do you blog?

Glitter on.

Happy Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Dreams of Glitter

  1. Like you and many other bloggers I also am a writer and aspire to one day publish some of the novels I have been working on. I find that writing is calming for me, I’m more of an introverted person so writing helps me sometimes to say or express things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I’ve read some great books that’s I’ve developed a real connection to and I write because I want readers to be able to develop that same connection to books that I write.

    So more that just why I write that’s why I want to be published, or at least publish some of my writing, because there are others that I write for myself to reread and remind myself where I came from and to keep myself grounded and on track in life. But I decided to start blogging because life as a recent college graduate is tough. I’ve always been told in my life that I have wisdom beyond my years and that I’m an “old soul” so I thought why not put that to use and try to help some other people out.

    But I didn’t want my blog to be directly about me. Yes my experiences and knowledge seep into my blog and my voice comes out while I’m talking to my readers, but my blog is for them. I want people to be able to connect with my words and learn from my mistakes or from my successes.

    I truly just want to be able to have a place where readers can come and say “yes I’ve been through that too” or “I never thought to look at it that way.” I want people to be able to take my words and connect with them in a way that will help them out in their own lives. To figure out how to succeed in this world. To figure out how to fly without wings. To figure out how to lift themselves up in a world that so badly wants to hold them down. And to figure out how to be themselves and be unique when everyone expects them to be just another face in the crowd.

    • Thanks for the great comment collegegrad. It sounds like we have a lot of the same reasons for blogging and wanting to publish. Especially the weird state of life after college, I hope my blog as well can help others in my shoes or have been here before. Or even connect to others who are going through the same thing so I know I’m not alone, basically connecting to other bloggers like you.

      “And to figure out how to be themselves and be unique when everyone expects them to be just another face in the crowd.” I wholeheartedly agree.

      • It’s always great to know I’m not alone in my journey, making these connections (to many people whom I will probably never meet I person) is really what this is all about for me. So thank you for your blog and for your words, they do not fall on deaf ears. 🙂

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