So as we all know I graduated and it was a glorious day that ended a great journey.



(The photo is me sharing my testimony at the Baccalaureate service the night before graduation)

I’ve been told a million times over that this is an exciting time in my life. There’s a million possibilities out there and I just have to put myself out there. There’s so many places to let my glitter shine. Yet what I’m hearing from God is something I don’t want to hear: be patient.

He/She (Just to clarify I’ve been trying to express God’s diversity better and gender neutrality is one way to do so) is telling me that I need to wait. I don’t really understand why I’m going back to camp this summer, but it makes the most sense right now. I already know it’s going to be an eye-opening summer despite working there last summer. And I want to be married now, but I also want my family to be supportive of me and give our marriage the best start which means despite dating for 2.5 years and being engaged 8 months we still need more time to work on some things.


I’ve been thinking about more degrees and shiny dreams, and all I hear is be patient.

I want to go out and move the mountains and shake the forests and change the world, but what I hear from God is work on your writing, make the best of each day, love those you are with, fill the needs you see, and rest in my presence. If you are obedient and listening to me in time, in MY time, I will make all your wildest dreams come true (Vote for Pedro!).

So for now I’m being patient. I’m writing, I’m living, I’m loving, and not going on Facebook too much (the worst thing to do when you want a job, an apartment, and to be married is to force yourself to read all the posts of your friends who are in those situations, I am genuinely happy for them, but I don’t have to read ALL their posts to be happy for them).

Anyone else dealing with that? Anyone else just want to go, when everything around them says wait?


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Yes to the questions at the end of your post. I find that it helps to know that you are not alone in your time of waiting. I also feel discontent in waiting, but I know there are so many who are in my exact situation as well. There are so many out there who are feeling the same as you. Don’t lose hope! Everything (as you said in your post) will happen in God’s perfect timing. :]

    • Thanks, yeah it really is good to know you are not alone, a big part of why I wanted to start blogging to get connected with those who think and write like me.

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