Glitter on

I like glitter. I like shine. And like Mandy Hale I think the best glitter is that which comes from within.

Jesus called us to be the light of the world, it’s something beautiful, holy, and true within us, it’s not artificial or fake and we can only set it free when we know who He is.

I’m not sure why I’m focused on glitter. I’ve liked it as much as anyone over my life, but I’ve never been obsessed. Somehow though glitter speaks to my soul right now. I want to spread it wherever I go, like last Thursday I talked about how glitter never dies, it’s both it’s blessing and it’s curse. As anyone who’s ever used glitter you know you can make a beautiful creation, but for days afterward everything you touch gets glitter on it. That’s what a life lived abundantly looks like, everywhere you touch love comes out. That’s the plan anyway.

Happy Thursday!

Glitter on.


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